All-Hazards Incident Management Teams Association

Membership Committee

    Mission Statement
    The mission of the All-Hazards Incident Management Teams Association Membership Committee is to be responsible for actively recruiting new members and insuring continued participation of current members and to maintain relationships
    with our federal, state, local, and tribal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector stakeholders.
    Committee Composition
    The Membership Committee is composed of individuals who are active members of AHIMTA and interested in actively serving on the Membership Committee.

    The Membership Committee includes:

    • Chair (appointed by the AHIMTA President),
    • Vice Chair
    • Board Liaison, and
    • core committee members who assist with the review of membership reports & materials and future development member retention and recruitment. 

    The Committee meets on a regular basis via teleconferencing and communications methods include shared information drives and electronic mail.

    Committee Member Responsibility
    Committee members will be responsible to:

    • attend and actively participate in regular meetings
    • respond to communications from committee members or AHIMTA Leadership
    • managing different programs instituted by the committee including, but not limited to, monthly reporting, recruitment, retention, marketing, etc. 
    • communication with lapsed and new members; working with Regional Directors

    Current Committee Programs

    Monthly Reports to the AHIMTA Board (provided from AHIMTA Office)

    Committee Goals for 2023-2024:

    • Establish Awards Program
    • Governance on selection criteria
    • Membership Drive with purpose
    • Document member exit survey
    • Establish presence at Nationally recognized association conferences with local representation
    • “Conference Exhibit Table in a box” with giveaway items
    • Increase Member Store Inventory (swag): John Evans
    •   Toolkit, clothing, etc.
    • Member Benefits: discount codes
    • (Todd DeVoe; contact with 511)
    • Website: SubCommittee
    • Redesign; Wild Apricot
    • Update Information/Programs
    • AHIMTA Video

    Membership Committee Members

    Morgan Burke, Administrator
    Danton Kerz, Chair
    Rodney Redinger, IMTA Board Rep

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