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IIMQS Guide October 2018

Position Task Books

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Association Updates

2018 AHIMTA Symposium
Join us Dec 1-6 in South Carolina 

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Board Candidates

Click here to view this year's Board of Director Candidates

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AHIMTA Board Directors and Officers 2018

Randy Collins Region 9
1st Vice-President
Lee Williams Region 3
2nd Vice-President
Ashley Davis Region 4
Tim Ocnaschek Region 6
Colleen Gadd Region 8
Regional Directors
Joseph Golden Region 1
Bill Campbell Region 2
Shari Harrington Region 5
John Elmore Region 7
Drew Bono Region 10
Bill Easterling At-Large

Inspiring Excellence in Incident Management

Welcome to the All-Hazards Incident Management Teams Association. We are a dedicated group of incident management, emergency management and public safety professionals from all disciplines, seeking to promote, support, and enhance the profession of incident management by establishing standards and promoting the cooperation of federal, state, local, and tribal agencies, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector in all phases of incident management. Read more about our organization.

Our association is open to anyone dedicated to the mission of incident management, and we have members from all sectors. If you want to be involved in the future of of incident management, consider joining today!

Our Standard
The core of the AHIMTA standard is found in the Interstate Incident Management Qualifications System Guide (IIMQS). The guide is a highlight of the core principles of the association. Click here to read more on the IIMQS, or click here to read the condensed Fact Sheet.

Our AHIMT Inter-State Mission Ready Package has also been updated as a nation-wide standard

All-Hazards Position Task Books
The product of years of development and discussion, the Position Description Task books are the standard for incident management teams members to get qualified in their specific position. Click here to learn more.

Our Progress
AHIMT continue to work to spread the professionalism of incident management teams. Click here to see where our standards are being adopted.

AHIMTA Library
Click here to browse our Public Document library for Incident Management related articles, AARs, and other useful resources.

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