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AIMCS Application | Recognition of Prior Learning

  • 12/15/2023
  • 02/21/2024



RPL Application Instruction Overview

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a performance-based evaluation process to assess an individual’s prior experiences and training to determine competency in a position. This is based on the premise that the candidate has already performed the job or performed in a position very similar to the one desired. RPL is the process whereby an individual provides documentation of their experiences, training, and knowledge and, if necessary, is confirmed with an interview panel consisting of subject matter experts (SMEs) or credentialed individuals. The Historical Recognition process outlined in the FEMA NQS has been combined with additional elements of the RPL process outlined in the IIMQS and is referred to as the RPL process within AIMCS. 


This guide aims to simplify the application process for the AHIMTA Incident Management Recognition of Prior Learning Certification. Follow the steps below to ensure a smooth application experience.

Step 1: Understand the Requirements

Familiarize yourself with the qualification criteria and incident competency requirements. As an RPL applicant, it is up to you to demonstrate that you have achieved the training and the performance requirements.

Step 2: Gather Documentation as Follows

Collect all relevant training completion certificates or transcripts and prepare supporting documentation that proves your qualifications. You must demonstrate you achieved all training requirements including completing the AHIMTA Higher Standard Training.

Cover Letter: As an RPL Certification candidate, provide a cover letter to the Certification Committee that explains your application packet. You cover letter should help the committee make sense of your application, especially if there are any sort of deviations.

ICS Curriculum Vitae: Download and complete the ICS CV which serves as a cover sheet, a checklist, and an overview of your training and experience.

NIMS Basic ICS Training Including: IS-100, IS-200, ICS 300, ICS-400, IS-700, and IS-800.

O-305 All-Hazards Incident Management Teams Course (for Command and General Staff Positions)

G-191 ICS/EOC Interface Course

ICS Position Specific Course(s)

AHIMTA higher standard courses which include a variety of FEMA Independent Study Courses based on the position certification you are seeking.

Leadership courses demonstrating your completion of required leadership training hours for your position certification.

Hazardous Materials Training required for your selected position certification.

Other Documentation: provide any other training documentation you feel relevant to the position certification. Remember, as an RPL applicant, it is up to you to demonstrate to the committee your knowledge and experience in the selected position.

Proof of Qualification in another qualification system: Provide a copy of credentials. Some examples could be copy of Red Card or Position Qualification Certificate.

Proof of Currency: Currency must be in compliance with the Position Qualification Requirement. Provide evidence of currency with ICS 225 Form, IAPs, Resource Order, or other proof of currency. Ensure the documentation is unimpeachable by the Certification Committee.

Step 3: Initiate the Application
Visit the AHIMTA website and locate the certification section.
Download and fill out the Certification Application form or complete online.
Complete ICS RPL CV

Step 4: Submit the Application
Attach all required documentation to your application via online form
If there are issues with the file uploads, submit the application via email to

Step 5: Certification Committee Review
Your application will be reviewed by the Certification Committee.

Step 6: Certification Issuance
Upon successful review, you will receive a certificate and letter from AHIMTA.

For more detailed information, refer to the AHIMTA Incident Management Certification System Guide.

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