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2024 Call for Presentations

Please submit your speaker proposal for a Pre-Conference Workshop or a Conference Breakout using the Conference Session Description Form provided and complete all fields. Proposals shall be submitted exclusively online no later than August 10, 2023. The Conference Committee will make its selections by early October. You will be notified of acceptance or rejection no later than September 30, 2023. AHIMTA does not provide speaker honorariums or travel reimbursements; unless a prior arrangement has been confirmed. If selected; speakers will receive a complementary code to register for the conference for the day they are speaking or a 50% discount code for the regular conference.

Pre-conference training sessions can be either four (4) hours, eight (8) hours, two (2) days or three (3) days in length, or multi-day Position Specific courses; all Breakout Conference sessions are one (1) hour in length and all General & Keynote Sessions are forty-five (45) minutes in length. 

Please note that the Conference Committee:

  • Selects presenters based on their personal knowledge, experience and professional reputation.
  • Selects presentations that provide a well-rounded educational program for all of AHIMTA's attendees; therefore the following concepts are important to the committee:
    1. Pre-Conference presenters should provide useful toolkits and/or resources for the attendee.
    2. Breakout sessions should provide lessons learned from real world responses, useful implementation tools, useable resources or “how to’s”. 
    3. That there be a variety of presentations that target different sectors of incident management; including, but not limited to various levels and departments of government, education, critical infrastructure, healthcare, non-profits and private sector.
    4. Company endorsements for specific products or services will not be tolerated.
  • Requests that all proposals include a list of outcomes/objectives that the attendee will receive, learn, or be able to perform after attending your session.
  • May cancel a session if the original speakers or submitted topic are no longer available.
  • will require acknowledgement & approval of any speaker substitutions in writing.

Submissions are now closed

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