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The All-Hazards Incident Management Team Association (AHIMTA) Training & Education Virtual Symposium hosts breakout and plenary sessions scheduled over four half-days designed to develop and strengthen the efforts of incident management teams. Attendees are industry leaders with a variety of backgrounds who come together to network, share best practices and lessons learned, and explore new technology and tactics. 

Speaker Bios

Chad Beam; Section Chief, SC State Fire

Chad began his career in 2005 as a Firefighter/EMT. Chad worked his way up in the EMS profession to Deputy Director/Training Coordinator. During his time in EMS, Chad served in many roles from education to technical rescue. Chad joined SC-TF1 in 2013 as a Medical Specialist. Chad currently serves as one of two Section Chief's for the SC Emergency Response Task Force which included Firefighter Mobilization, SC-Task Force 1 and the SC Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team. Chad currently serves as the Operations Section Chief for the Palmetto Incident Support Team

Chad earned a Bachelors in Emergency Services Management from Anderson University and a Masters in Public Administration from Clemson University. Chad is married to his wife Brooke and they have two daughters, Carleigh (6) and Ellie Reames (3).

Bill Campbell; Chief, NYS IMT Program (ret.)

Bill Campbell retired as Chief of the New York State Incident Management Team Program for the NYS Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Services (DHSES) – Office of Emergency Management at the end of 2018 but remains active with the team.   In addition to helping establish the NYS IMT, he was a member of a national IMT, the Rocky Mountain Type 2 IMT (Blue Team) since 2008, where he served as a nationally qualified Type 2 Planning Section Chief and as a Liaison Officer.  

A Charter Member and an original member of the Board of Directors for the All-Hazards Incident Management Teams Association where he served two terms as 1st Vice President and has been an active member of the Association’s Incident Qualifications System (IQS) Committee.  Bill was honored by the AHIMTA Board of Directors in 2021 with the designation as a director-emeritus.     

Bill has responded to many major/complex incidents during his career.  Several of the more notable incidents included:  the crash of TWA Flight 800, September 11th terrorist attacks and Hurricanes Irene and Sandy in 2011 and 2012.  He has also responded with his Incident Management Teams to floods, hurricanes and wildfires around the country including Hurricanes Frances and Ivan in Florida, Hurricane Katrina in Mississippi, Hurricane Gustav in Louisiana and Hurricane Harvey in Texas, major flooding in North Dakota and South Dakota and wildfires in Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, South Dakota, Oregon and Washington and most recently to the EF-4 Tornado in southwestern Kentucky in December 2021. 

Keenan Campbell; Director, Bureau County EMA, IL-IMT

A native of Central Illinois, Keenan Campbell lives and breathes emergency management. Mr. Campbell is currently the Director of Bureau County Emergency Management Agency and a member of the Illinois Incident Management Team. His vast background in technology has helped small underfunded Emergency Management Agencies' build state of the art Emergency Operations Center's utilizing emerging technologies and private partnerships. Director Campbell believes that technology is a necessity during an incident to ensure the development of solid situational awareness and lead to a better common operating picture.

Leigh Cowan; Manager, Disaster Response and Recovery, IEM

Leigh Cowan, Manager. State and Local Disaster Response and Recovery

Ms. Cowan previously served as an Emergency Manager and Public Safety Program Administrator for Pasco County, FL where she helped lead the State of Florida Region 4/6 Incident Management Team, learning All Hazards Response through numerous hurricanes, wildfires, floods, tornadoes, and sinkholes.  From 2019-2021, Ms. Cowan deployed to New York City, Illinois, Florida, and multiple jurisdictions within the State of Florida from the arrival of COVID-19 in the US through the statewide vaccination effort in Virginia.  She currently leads the IEM All Hazards Disaster Response Team, serving clients throughout the country both in person and virtually.

Jeff Davidson;

Jeff is a retired Fire Chief with 34 years of professional fire service experience. Jeff currently serves as a Planning Section Chief and Liaison Officer for the North Bay IMT. Jeff is also a qualified EOC Planning Section Chief. Jeff is currently a part-time employee with the Marin County Fire Dept. Jeff is also the primary developer of the NIMS EOC application.

Gabe Garcia; ,

Gabe is currently a Firefighter/Engineer with the Marin County Fire Dept. Gabe also is Planning Section Chief on CalFire IMT 6. He is also a Planning Section Chief for the North Bay IMT. Gabe is also one of the original developers of the NIMS IAP.

Jesse Habourn; Emergency Management Coordinator, Fairfax County Health Department

Jesse Habourn is the Emergency Management Coordinator at the Fairfax County Health Department, a nationally recognized public health agency. Mr. Habourn' s 19 year career in emergency management has included work in planning, logistics, training and exercises, operations, pandemic and biological terrorism research, and management and leadership. He has served on more than 50 emergency responses including two pandemics, disease outbreaks, mass care shelters, severe weather incidents, and National Special Security Events.

Mr. Habourn leads a Type V Incident Management Team (IMT) of 100+ personnel and serves on the Type III National Capital Region IMT. He also serves in leadership and voting roles on local and regional public health and emergency management committees and workgroups.

Mr. Habourn obtained his Bachelor's of Arts in English from James Madison University. He teaches Incident Command, emergency management, health preparedness, biological defense, and public health topics to emergency responders, university students, and community organizations.

Butch Hoffman; NYS IMT Type 2 MEDL, NYS Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Services

Butch Hoffmann, EMT-P, BA, retired, was the Special Operations Manager for AMR in Syracuse, NY. Mr. Hoffmann has 38 years of experience as an EMT, paramedic, instructor and manager in EMS. He was a member of the NY State EMS Council and chaired the State EMS Safety Sub-committee. Butch also represented EMS on the regional NYS DOH Health Emergency Preparedness Coalition (HEPC) Steering Committee that allowed him to manage AMR's Regional Infectious Disease/Ebola transport program. His extensive ICS training allows him to be an active member of NYS's Type 2 IMT since its inception. He is an instructor for the NYS Office of EM for NIMS/ICS, HSEEP, Exercise & Design and FEMA's National EM Basic Academy courses. He has co-authored disaster response plans for Giants Stadium, Newark International Airport, Woodstock 1994 and volunteered at the '96 Centennial Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA. He continues to be the EOC Manager for the 18-day annual 'Great' NYS Fair. 

Jim Irving; Dep IC, PSC, North Bay IMT

Jim is a retired Fire Chief with 36 years of professional fire service experience. Jim currently serves as a Deputy IC and Lead Planning Section Chief for the North Bay IMT. Jim also works as a Resource Unit Leader on several Cal Fire type 1 incident management teams and has been on multiple deployments with Cal Fire type 1 teams. Jim is currently a part-time employee with the Marin County Fire Dept.

Jim is the primary architect of the NIMS IAP application for Google Sheets.

Molly Jones

Molly Jones, LSW is a Clinical Education Coordinator for Advanced Recovery Systems. In this role, Molly is responsible for providing clinical education and training to various client populations, treatment providers, and other behavioral health stakeholders across the country. Molly provides in-person, virtual, and on-demand behavioral health education and is able to cover a wide variety of topics under the behavioral healthcare umbrella. 

Molly is a Licensed Social Worker in the State of Colorado and based out of Denver, Colorado. Prior to joining the ARS Community Outreach Team in August 2019, Molly worked in a variety of social work settings. She has worked in direct practice, counseling older adults, adolescents, high acuity clients, and other populations struggling with various mental health and substance abuse related issues, as well as a Permanency Planning Worker for the Department of Human Services, Child Welfare Division in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Molly has worked in the field of Social Work since 2013, and holds the philosophy that all individuals, with proper support and awareness, possess the ability to learn, change, and grow to achieve the highest quality of life and sense of self possible. 

Molly earned a Bachelor’s of Science in Family Life Education with a focus on Gerontology from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Oklahoma. In her time with Advanced Recovery Systems, Molly has primarily worked with first responders and their families, as well as the International Association of Fire Fighters and various municipalities across North America. Molly is the Peer Team Clinician for the IAFF’s 9th District Peer Support Team, has been featured in news publications and mental health podcasts, and provided clinical oversight to local non-profits in Colorado.

Kevin Lauer; Vice-Chair, Tennessee AHIMT Governance Committee

Kevin currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Tennessee AHIMT Governance Committee which oversees the direction and implementation of the Tennessee Incident Management Qualifications System. Kevin is the Technology and Mission Support Branch Administrator for the Tennessee Emergency Management Agency and is responsible for the Communications and Facilities section, as well as Technology Innovation and Implementation.

Kevin began his career in 1991 as a firefighter for the City of Sevierville, TN. Since that time he has held multiple roles and positions in the fire service, EMS, and Emergency Management including Fire Chief for the city of Fairview and Public Safety Director for Rutherford County. Kevin served for 10 years as the Operations Chief of the Tennessee Mutual Aid System and led the deployments and incident management efforts to numerous disasters and large scale events.

Daryl Louder; Instructor, VA State IMT Member, Independent NIMS/ICS/IMT Instructor, Virginia State (VDEM) IMT

Daryl Louder is currently a member of the VA State IMT sponsored by VDEM and an ICS/IMT instructor for numerous entities. 

During his career, Mr. Louder served as the program manager for the National Capital Region-Incident Management Team for over five years. Prior to the NCR-IMT, he served as the fire chief for the Contra Costa County (CA) Fire Protection District. Prior to Contra Costa County, Daryl served 27 years with the Fairfax County (VA) Fire and Rescue Department. 

 Mr. Louder has served on IMTs in VA and CA for 17 years. He is qualified as an IC3, PSC3, OSC3, and LOFR, through the VA IMT Qualifications System. Daryl responded to a number of significant local, regional, state, and national incidents/events as well as a trainee on large wildland fires.  

Mr. Louder is an adjunct instructor with the Emergency Management Institute, several academic institutions, state training agencies, and training companies.    

Daryl has earned a Master of Science degree in Management and Bachelor of Science degree in Fire Science and Administration from the University of Maryland.

John Morrissey; NYS IMT Type 2 SOFR, State Instructor, NYS Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Services

John Morrissey, BS in Health Service Administration and a NREMT-P for the past 40 years. He is a founding member of New York State All Hazard IMT having been a Plans Chief and currently a Safety Officer. He is also a NYS DHSES/FEMA instructor for ICS 100-400 and safety officer. He is retired from New York State Department of Health Emergency Medical Services program after 34 years. He has been a NYS certified Paramedic Instructor Coordinator teaching multiple levels of EMS Courses.   He is a ex-member of North Area Volunteer Ambulance Corp 30 years where he was a ground paramedic and a Flight Paramedic with New State Police Aviation unit for 25 years. He is currently a paramedic working for Broom County Office of Emergency Service working on a Paramedic First Response Unit. He is currently a member of national ski patrol for the past 40 years and is an Outdoor Emergency Care Instructor Trainer.    

David Popoff; Training Manager, The Response Group

Currently serving as the Training Manager for The Response Group, Inc and is the Training Specialist for the Eastern Colorado Type III Incident Management Team. David held numerous emergency response positions with various cities within Texas and with the State of Texas.  Additionally, he has served as adjunct instructor for FEMA's National Emergency Training Center and currently is serving as a Type 3 Planning Section Chief trainee for FEMA's National Planning Cadre.  In his 35 years of public safety experience as an Emergency Responder, Manager, Peace Officer, Fire Marshal and member and facilitator of type 3 incident management teams, he has conduct all hazard response, planning and training nationwide as well as facilitating Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program approved exercises. David is recognized by FEMA as an All Hazard Incident Commander, position specific and Integrated Emergency Management Program instructor. Recognized by the Center for Domestic Preparedness (FEMA) as a Gold Level ICS Instructor.

Some of David's more significant activities in the area of Emergency Response includes: Planning Section Chief Santa Fe School Shooting, Incident Commander for numerous natural manmade disasters. He has served as the local Incident Commander for a threat of Ebola exposure to 6000 passengers and crew of a stricken cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico (Pier 21 Incident). Additionally, Dave has served as the State Coordinator for the Texas Division of Emergency Management coordinating and supervising the response and recovery efforts for disasters and major emergencies across Southeast, Texas.

Other activities that Dave has been involved in include the development, design and implementation the National Incident Management System Incident Command System train the trainer curricula for the State of Texas.

Traci Rankin; Manager, Field Leadership, Team Rubicon

Traci Rankin is a Manager for the Field Leadership Team at Team Rubicon. Traci has been with Team Rubicon since 2014 and has extensive experience at Natural Disasters throughout the United States. She currently manages leased employees who respond to operations domestically and internationally. She is also an IC for the Kansas Incident Management Team. She is retired from Law Enforcement with 24 years of experience and has served as an elected official on a School Board of Education.

Harmon C. Rowland III; Chief, NIMS Documents and Tools Section

Hank currently serves as the chief of the NIMS Documents and Tools Section, within FEMA’s National Integration Center. In this role, he manages the different lines of effort running from development of guidance and tools for EOCs and NQS; to liaising with other divisions and offices, as well as external partners; to managing the development of NQS and the National Resource Hub. Hank has been with the NIC since 2014, working on various preparedness efforts, including resource typing, NQS and the NIMS suite of documents. Prior to joining FEMA, Hank served in the US Coast Guard as a deck watch officer on the Great Lakes and a response and preparedness officer on the Ohio River.

Mark Smith; Partner, Mission-entered Solutions


Jim Spratlen; Emergency Manager

Jim Spratlen served 30 years in Law Enforcement with the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office and the Durango Police Department and 43 years as a volunteer Firefighter in a variety of assignments including Detention Officer, Court Room Security, Chief Investigator, SWAT Instructor, K-9 Handler, Lieutenant in the Fire Service, Emergency Manager, Incident Commander and Chief of Police. While assigned in various positions within the departments, he performed duties as a department instructor in fire and tactical training, emergency and operational planning, continuity of operations planning, and performed table tops and functional exercises as the planner, facilitator and coordinator involving various topics of training.

Jim is currently a Certified State Instructor for NIMS pertaining to the Incident Command System and Multi-Agency Coordination Systems, performing multiple instructional classes over the years to State employees, government agencies and non-government organizations, always receiving the highest evaluations from his students on content delivery and keeping their interest on the topic.

What drives Jim’s passion in his day to day interaction with the people in the community is that no matter what is taught to his students, if it can save just one life, his mission was completed.

George Stapleton; Operations Chief, South Carolina Palmetto Incident Support Team

George Stapleton has 45 years of fire and emergency services as a career, paid-on-call and volunteer firefighter and chief officer and currently serves as Division-wide Operations Chief for South Carolina State Fire which oversees the Palmetto Incident Management Team.  He has served in various positions on Type 3 and Type 4 Incident Management Teams in Pennsylvania and within SC Palmetto Incident Support Team.

Rich Sweeney; Liaison Officer, FDNY Incident Management Team

Rich Sweeney is a 20 year veteran of the FDNY.  He is the current assigned Captain of Engine 277 in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Rich has been with the FDNY Incident Management Team since Super Storm Sandy in 2012 and is currently the teams Liaison Officer.

Geoff Willford; Technical Advisor and Writer, AHIMTA/USFA

Geoff Wilford’s career spanned thirty-three years with the Kern County (CA) Fire Department, retiring as a Chief Officer. During that time he served on the local extended response management team, a Federal interagency Type 2 team, and over twenty years with a Federal Type 1 IMT as a PS1, and in the operations section as a DIVS, OPBD, and OSC1. 

Geoff represented the Firefighting Resources of California Organized for Potential Emergencies (FIRESCOPE) on the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Training Working Team from 2001 to 2008. From 2007 through early 2014, Chief Wilford provided subject matter expertise and technical writing and editing to the working groups sponsored by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) National Integration Center (NIC) that provided national guidelines and standards for the implementation of NIMS. During that time, he wrote the drafts of the publication now known as the National Qualifications System, led the workgroup that developed the 2010 All-Hazards ICS forms, and assisted in the initial typing efforts of dozens of resources and positions.
Geoff is a charter and founding/sponsoring member of the All-Hazards Incident Management Teams Association (AHIMTA). He has served on the Incident Qualifications Committee since 2016 and is the technical writer for the AHIMTA Interstate Incident Management Qualifications System (IIMQS) publication as well as several additional documents. Geoff is also currently under subcontract to assist in enhancing the USFA’s Support of the AHIMT program.

Don Whittemore

Since 1982, Don Whittemore has been training and leading teams and organizations in complex, high-risk, and high-risk environments. During his nearly 30-year fire & EMS career, Don served in a variety of senior staff and leadership positions, including deputy chief of a career fire department and incident commander of a type-2 national incident management team. His leadership assignments include Hurricane Katrina, Super Storm Sandy, the Colorado floods of 2013 and countless wildland fire assignments from Alaska to Florida, from Montana to Texas.

Don is involved as a trainer, evaluator, and curriculum developer in several National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) courses ranging from structure protection to advanced fire behavior to senior leadership. He is also a member of the development and cadre team for Leadership in Crisis: Strategic Leadership in Catastrophic Events (NWCG L580 – Leadership in Action).

Don consults, trains, and educates with organizations and partnerships to advance mission-driven culture and their critical thinking and strategic planning skills of organizations as diverse as the FDNY, San Diego Fire-Rescue, U.S. Navy, Environmental Protection Agency, Emergency Management Australia, US Forest Service and the National Park Service. Along with Mark Smith from MCS, Don co-developed the Crisis Appreciation and Strategic Planning Guidebook – the doctrine and processes that guides Emergency Management Australia during large-scale, national-level disasters.

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